Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recycling at IKEA

I have seen recycling at work at IKEA stores and I was only able to take pictures of their recycling programs about a couple of weeks ago. IKEA has been promoting recycling and reducing waste throughout their stores.

One of the things they eliminated is the use of plastic bags. If a customer wanted a plastic bag, they will be charged 5 cents for it. This was started last March 15 and the proceeds on the first year of this program are donated to American Forests (a non-profit conservation organization). The customer is also given an option to buy a reusable bag for 59 cents as an alternative to the plastic bags.

Below are the recycling bins for plastic and paper that you will see throughout the store.
IKEA also has a recycling bin for Aluminum Cans, Glass Bottles and Plastic Bottles.
They also have a recycling center where you can drop off Bulbs (Compact Flourescent, Incandescent and Halogen) and Batteries (L.I.O., Alkaline and N.I.M.H).
For more information regarding IKEA's program, please visit their website.

(Disclaimer: I am not an employee of IKEA and I do not own any of their shares. The details above are for informational purposes only.)


Mik said...

Cool to see more stores charging for plastic bags. We purchased several of those canvas type bags that stores have and use these when we go shopping. Also easier carrying bags of groceries on the bus with these bags too.

dusty roads said...

Ikea has always been ahead of the curve. Just love that store and the management is spot on!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching around for someplace close to drop off a couple of the CFL's that I've broken, and I'm glad to see that my local Home Depot has added a recycle bin for them.

Although people have grabbed onto them as big energy savers (which they of course are), I'm not sure how many people realize that there is Mercury inside them.

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