Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Few More Reusable Bags

I found a cool reusable bag at Kohl's one day. It's a foldable reusable bag shown below.
I started opening the bag.
Here is the fully unfolded bag.
This next bag is a Philadelphia Eagles reusable bag sold at ACME. I believe the bag costs about $1.50.
While this Philadelphia Eagles bag is available at K-Mart. Also about $1.50
This is a different design available at Kmart for one dollar.
Another bag at K-Mart for 1 dollar.
I found this nice looking reusable bag at Rite-Aid.
This next one is available at Walgreens.
I liked the drawing of the Hulk and Shrek on the background.


G.Kannan said...

Your concern for Mother Earth is great. Responsible shoppers are slowly switching over to similar disposable bags and avoiding the plastic bags that are aplenthy now. Suggest you write some posts on simple,practical measures for the common man to reduce global warming individually rather than at any organization level. Responsible citizens of the earth will definitely pay heed to your recommendations.

Julie said...

I love reusable bags and keep a stash in each car. Just an FYI - Tupperware is giving reusable bags in April to those who book a party. They are green with white graphics and seem to be great quality. I'm not trying to push a party on anyone, just mentioning because I know how useful reusable bags are in my life.

Julia said...

I am totally a bag queen these days. I scowl at the checker when they reach for the plastic without looking at the back of the cart. Ok maybe not scowl. But I have six that I use. I cant even count how many bags I have saved any more!!!!

Julia said...

My favorite bags are the ones I get at Trader Joes because they are a bit taller and can easily hold two gallons of milk! AND they only cost a dollar as well. They make them from woven plastic material and they are stiffer and easier to bag the groceries in. BUT whatever gets people to stop using plastic and paper bags is the BEST!!!

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