Thursday, June 11, 2009

Burger King uses recycled brown bags

We went to a Burger King drive-thru the other day and my kids wanted the kid's meal because they are giving away Pokemon cards. Upon reaching home, I noticed the side of Burger King's brown bags (see photo on the right). It says "Be Good To Mother Earth!" and has some tips on ways of saving energy. The bag is also made from 100% recycled paper.

As for the energy saving tips, it says:

  • Turn of lights, TV, and computer when not in use.
  • Help adults recycle cans, bottles, bags and newspapers.
  • Don't leave water running when brushing your teeth.
  • Walk or bike with your family instead of using the car.
It seems that the tips are directed for kids and it's a good thing because they can be trained early.

The bag also has an icon of a person throwing a trash in a trash bin. This promotes cleanliness and instills that trash should be properly disposed.


Yanic said...

As I've always said, every little bit counts! I'm glad big companies are starting to make more of an effort.

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