Thursday, May 16, 2013

LED Lights experiment

I have started changing my CFL bulbs with the LED lights. The LED lights are pricier but it is advertised that these will last longer than CFL bulbs. Also, they consume less energy than CFL bulbs.

Here is an LED bulb that's an equivalent of the 60 Watts incandescent bulb. The CFL bulb I was previously using was only 13W (60W equivalent) but this LED bulb is only using 7W. About half the energy compared to the CFL bulb.

LED bulb turned on. The color temperature of this bulb is daylight.

I have also changed the lights in my dining room and also used LED bulbs. Each of these only uses 3W compared to my original bulbs where it's 60W each.

Dining room lamp turned on.

The color temperature of my dining room light is soft white and it is much brighter than the 60W incandescent bulbs that I had in there before.

This is one of the PAR30 flood lights that I used in my family room. These are the most expensive ones because I wanted a daylight temperature in the family room and the only one available at that time I installed these is the one by Philips. The light is also dimmable but does not work well with my previous dimmer. I had to buy a dimmer specifically for dimmable CFL/LED bulbs.
Here is the flood light when it is on. The light only uses 13W and it is the equivalent of t 75W PAR30 halogen bulb. I believe I had 60W installed previously. The light is very nice to our liking but beam of the light is not that wide, maybe in a few more months something will come out and I can move these flood lights somewhere.

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