Thursday, February 11, 2010

CapriSun Drink Pouch Brigade - 2/11 update

Last month, I got another set of bags of drink pouches from my kids' school for our CapriSun Pouch brigade. I received 12 bags and worked on putting the pouches into the boxes so I can send them to Terracycle.

12 bags of CapriSun pouches
We used a copy paper box just like before to hold the pouches
Here is the 1st box filled with CapriSun pouches.
Filled 2 boxes on the left (white). I need some more pouches to fill the 3rd box (red).
Closer look on the 3rd box.
These 2 boxes are ready to be shipped.
Covered the boxes and attached the pre-paid UPS shipping labels.
I have dropped the two boxes to a nearby UPS store.
Just like what I said before, Terracycle pays for the shipping and they also pay the charity 2 cents per pouch.

Terracycle already received the 2 boxes above. I am currently working on finishing up the 3rd box (red). I'll post a couple more pictures once I'm done.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plastic Bag Recycling Bins - Home Depot and Wawa

A couple more stores/businesses that provide bins for plastic bag recycling.

Home Depot stores can be found around the U.S. and they also have presence on other countries. According to their website, "The Home Depot has 1972  convenient locations throughout the United States (including the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands), Canada, China and Mexico."

Home Depot Plastic Bag Recycling Bin

Wawa stores can be found in the Northeastern side of the U.S. (portions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia). It's a convenience store similar to 7-Eleven but they also have Gasoline Stations.

Wawa Plastic Bag Recycling Bin

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