Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eco-Shape Bottled Water

I bought this bottled water (Poland Spring brand) at one of the
convenience stores around my area and saw a recycle sign on the label.
The label also states that the bottle has an average of 30% less plastic (see label below).
I went to Costo yesterday and saw a similar bottle for the Deer Park brand. I checked it out and both bottles are made by Nestle Waters North America. After checking out their website, I found out that they carry different brands of bottled water and most of them uses the Eco-Shape Bottle. I believe that this is a good move for a big company to promote recycling. But it's still up to the people drinking them to put them in the recycling bin.

(Disclaimer: I don't work for Nestle Waters North America
or Costco and I don't own any of their shares.)

Friday, October 17, 2008


We got this from our son's school - eScrip Recycling. From their website and as shown on the package mailer, they accept ink and toner cartridges, cell phones, laptops and Ipods. Part of what they earn on recycling is given to the school or any group having the program.

It's a good way to raise money for the school and the children will benefit on whatever the school buys with the raised money from the program.

Office Recycling

I went to a training facility last week and I found out that recycling is also being promoted at corporate offices.

Shown here are two recycling bins. The one on the left has a green lid with two holes (left hole = glass, right hole = plastic bottle). The blue bin on the right has a sign that says "Aluminum Cans Only."

This blue bin is in the same office and it says:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Here's one biodegradable plastic bag that we got from the Philippines. At first I was surprised about it. Is this for real? Is there such a thing?

I found on Wikipedia that there are biodegradable plastics out there but there are advantages and disadvantages to it. You can read more about it on this link.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

4 out of the 44

I mentioned on my previous post about the NY Times Recycling Resource that you'll be surprised on how many kinds of garbage that Japan has. There are 44 of them according to the slideshow. Here is a picture that I took at Narita airport in Japan that shows 4 out of the 44.

From the left: Newspaper/Magazine, PET Bottle (I guess this is plastic bottle), Bottle (glass), and Can.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hong Kong

Last Summer, we traveled to Hong Kong to check out the sights. One of the places we went to was Ngong Ping Village to check out the Tian Tan Buddha. It's the world's tallest outdoor bronze Buddha measuring 34 meters tall.

Ngong Ping Village is in the western part of Hong Kong's Lantau Island and it can be reached by bus or by cable car from Tung Chung. We took the cable car going there and the bus going back to Tung Chung.We tried the food at the village and it was really delicious. I can't remember the restaurant's name though. After eating, I looked for the Trash can and I found a Recycle Bin beside it (see below).

After the Ngong Ping trip, we went straight to Hong Kong Disneyland so the kids (and adults) can have some fun with the rides and of course with the Disney Characters. It appears that Hong Kong Disneyland is also doing their share of promoting recyling. Shown below is their recycle bin with Jiminy Cricket. I believe this is near the "it's a small world" attraction. And all throughout the park, they have recycle bins with different characters. I just didn't have time to take pictures because I'm.... err..... the kids were enjoying the park rides and other attractions.

The next day we went to Hong Kong Island to check out Victoria Peak. Along the way, I saw recycling bins at one of the mini-parks. (The date on this picture shows that it was taken on 7/2 but it was actually the next day. My camera was set on EST and I forgot to change it when we went to the Asia Pacific).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

NY Times Recycling Resource

I found this interesting NY Times area about recycling and I think it's very informative.

View the "How Does Japan Dumps Trash?" slideshow and you'll be surprised on how many types of garbage they have.

I'll continue on finding resources about recycling. I believe this is important to lessen the amount of garbage that are going in the land-fills.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Let's all do our part in saving our planet. Recycling is one way of doing it! I will try to find out resources about recycling and put them on this blog.

Please... please.... please.... recycle all items that can be recycled. If your city has a recycling program, please sign up.

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