Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CapriSun Drink Pouch Brigade - 5/18 update

Here are another set of CapriSun pouches for shipping. From the picture below, you will see a big Lay's chips bag. I just found out that the school also signed up for the Chip Bag Brigade. While sorting out the pouches, I also saw pens and glue sticks. These are for the Writing Instruments Brigade and Elmer's Glue-Crew Brigade. There were around 15 bags that I have to go through.

I started putting the pouches in the box. I separated the other items into a different box. I'll take some pictures of them when I'm ready to send those items.
I was able to fill out 2 boxes. Brought the boxes to a nearby UPS store for shipping. One weighed 19.2 pounds while the other is 12.1 pounds.

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