Friday, December 18, 2009

Joined a CapriSun Brigade

I wrote about recycling CapriSun pouches last June and when I found out about it, I tried looking for a brigade to join. Luckily, my children's school decided to start one and I volunteered in helping them out.

They have asked me if I could assist in packing the pouches and sending them to Terracycle. The school will receive $0.02 per pouch and plan to use the money to refurbish the school's playground (similar to their Paper Recycling activity).

As you can see below, the school was able to gather several bags of CapriSun pouches. There were 10 bags of pouches and I went through each bag flattening each pouch and putting them in the shipping box.

Here is how the pouches looks like on the shipping box.
I am using a box that store 10 reams of office paper to package the pouches.
I tried to squeeze as much as I could on the 1st layer and adding a 2nd layer of pouches.
Here is a filled box. I believe I was able to finish 5 bags just for this one box. I packaged it up, added a shipping label and dropped it at a UPS store but didn't weigh the box.
Shipping to Terracycle is free if you are a member of a brigade and you have an account on their site. You can just login to your account and print out a pre-paid UPS shipping label. Then, drop off the package to any UPS store and you can also track the package on the UPS website.

I was able to fill two more boxes with the remaining 5 bags. All of the boxes have been shipped and confirmed that they were received on by Terracycle. The boxes are a bit heavy... maybe around 8 to 10 pounds each. I should have weighed each one of them before shipping them out.

Lastly, I hope the school earns a lot from this recycling activity so they can make their school playground safer.

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