Thursday, June 25, 2009

CapriSun Pouches

CapriSun has teamed up with TerraCycle to reuse the drink pouches into usable products. You can also generate money for your school by establishing a Drink Pouch Brigade. You can visit/sign-up at their website to start the brigade. According to the CapriSun box (as shown below), you can earn $0.02 per donated pouch.

Terracycle reuses the drink pouches to make them into pencil cases, bags, folders, etc. Below are the photos of what the drink pouches can be turned into.

Tote Bag

Visit the following Terracycle links to find more items made from CapriSun pouches, Oreo wrappers and other items that you might be using everyday.


S-H-Y said...

WOW this is really interesting crop..

Sandy said...

Very clever use of the bags. I don't buy the product, have no little ones at home; but do intend to pass the info along to my daughter who is a school teacher, and my neighbor who has a little one.

Very interesting. Also came by to say thanks for placing my ad, it's appreciated.

leaving my url, as your settings don't seem to allow name and url?, don't know how to make it a link for you, do you?

Julia said...

It is about time!! Good for them. :)

world_saver said...

can any one tell me what the capri sun pouches are made of im doing a project that requires me to know

*josie* said...

very good idea, whoever came out with it, deserve a big applause, a big help to the environment,I already saw it on tv about three years ago and up to now they are active in this project and even sell it in e-bay.

josefinadeocampo said...

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Thank you and more power..


bag manufacturers said...

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