Thursday, February 11, 2010

CapriSun Drink Pouch Brigade - 2/11 update

Last month, I got another set of bags of drink pouches from my kids' school for our CapriSun Pouch brigade. I received 12 bags and worked on putting the pouches into the boxes so I can send them to Terracycle.

12 bags of CapriSun pouches
We used a copy paper box just like before to hold the pouches
Here is the 1st box filled with CapriSun pouches.
Filled 2 boxes on the left (white). I need some more pouches to fill the 3rd box (red).
Closer look on the 3rd box.
These 2 boxes are ready to be shipped.
Covered the boxes and attached the pre-paid UPS shipping labels.
I have dropped the two boxes to a nearby UPS store.
Just like what I said before, Terracycle pays for the shipping and they also pay the charity 2 cents per pouch.

Terracycle already received the 2 boxes above. I am currently working on finishing up the 3rd box (red). I'll post a couple more pictures once I'm done.


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