Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CapriSun Drink Pouch Brigade - 5/18 update

Here are another set of CapriSun pouches for shipping. From the picture below, you will see a big Lay's chips bag. I just found out that the school also signed up for the Chip Bag Brigade. While sorting out the pouches, I also saw pens and glue sticks. These are for the Writing Instruments Brigade and Elmer's Glue-Crew Brigade. There were around 15 bags that I have to go through.

I started putting the pouches in the box. I separated the other items into a different box. I'll take some pictures of them when I'm ready to send those items.
I was able to fill out 2 boxes. Brought the boxes to a nearby UPS store for shipping. One weighed 19.2 pounds while the other is 12.1 pounds.


Anadrol said...

I have to congrats you on a great blog and really important topic you have! I wish more people will realize the importance of saving the Earth with daily routine.

Bean Bag Chair said...

hi, ganda naman ng blog mo tungkol sa pagliligtas ngn ating mundo sana ma realize na ng mga tao nah mali na ung pagtatapon ng basura sa mga kalsada, ilog at iba pang pwede tapunan ngn mga basura....o kaya yung nabubulok pwede naman ibaon sa lupa d ba tama po ba ko tnx for sharing

FreshGreenKim said...


Fabulous stuff! take a look at this post I linked... you'll see some of the cool items TerraCycle makes with your brigades! Great job!

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