Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TerraCycle Brigades (CapriSun, etc.) - 10/6 update

Apologies for not being able to post for a while, here's an update regarding the TerraCycle recycling program. Aside from the CapriSun/Drink Pouch Brigade, our team added new brigades to the program. We have added the following: Chip Bag Brigade, Writing Instruments Brigade, and Elmers Glue Clue Brigade.

The picture below, there were about 12 bags that contains drink pouches, chip bags, writing instruments, glue containers and glue sticks.

This is one of the 5 containers of the Drink Pouches. The collection that we received was huge and I didn't
These 2 packages are drink pouches and these were the 1st shipment that I've sent out.
This is the 3rd box for the Drink Pouch Brigade
The 3rd Drink Pouch package ready for shipment
The 4th and 5th Drink Pouch packages on the left (Office Depot and Yellow boxes)
Close up of the 5th Drink Pouch Package (apologies for the blurry picture)
The glue sticks are visible on the right
Another picture of the glue sticks for the Elmer's Glue Crew Brigade
Here are the items that will be sent for the Writing Instruments Brigade
Here's the package for the Chip Bag brigade.
These items was the toughest one to do because of the volume and the number of items. It's a good thing though that these waste will be recycled and reused a something else.


Unknown said...

Great info on the Terracycle Brigades. I just started a Drink Pouch Brigade in my school district and we have collected over 1700 pouches so far. It's totally worth the few hours I put in a month to save these pouches from the landfill and teach my students about recycling.

Study in UK said...

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Henry said...

You have useful and helpful info posted here! Just to save the planet, we will do everything.

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